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Winter Information & Guidance

When calling Canada over the winter periods there are many items with which vessels will need to be prepared.

When Laden Maritime is appointed we begin by ensuring that Master & Owners are fully informed of present & forecasted conditions; vessels are also followed up with full winter navigation information in order to prepare them for upcoming voyage & cold climate conditions.

We have found that a well prepared & vigilant crew makes all the difference.

Below are some additional information which you may find of use:

Ice Class

Although some minor discounts may be available when available, there are absolutely NO ICE CLASS requirements for vessels calling St. Lawrence River, Gulf, and Atlantic Ports. Ice class may be beneficial for vessels calling Northern/Arctic ports, depending on the zone and active dates.

Ice Breaker Escort

Likewise Ice Breakers are generally only used when calling certain areas with higher than normal ice congestion (i.e. Saguenay River, ports of Gros Cacouna, etc…). Generally most vessels calling Canada over the winter period are expected to make their way to and from port without any assistance.

Ice Advisor

If required Laden Maritime can engage services some of the best Ice Advisors in the business!

Our preferred ice advisors will ensure not only that vessel is in best hands during their voyage thru the Gulf but also verify that vessel is suitably equipped for their time in Canada as well as prepared for upcoming port operations.

Generally Ice Advisors are onboard vessels between Cabot Strait (Sydney/Port-Aux-Basques) and first pilot station (Port of River).

Navigation services for the far north and arctic waters available as well! For costs and estimates pls contact Laden Maritime.

Sea Water Cooling Systems

Since the winter season of 2011-2012 Transport Canada has required vessels calling the St. Lawrence River, to report their type of Sea Water cooling system as well as prove that they have a suitable alternative cooling system available. This requirement generally enforced from early December thru early April depending on prevailing conditions.

Typically authorities will require vessel to have some method to recirculate cooling waters to reduce the qty of water drawn from the sea as well as prevent small pieces of frazil ice from clogging sea strainer/pipes. If not available a temporary recirculation system can be installed generally at Sept-Iles and within 1 day. For quote or further information please contact Laden Maritime.

Winter Readiness

Vessels should have onboard suitable winter clothing, gear, and equipment onboard for all crewmembers as same may be checked by local authorities. This includes warm coat, boots, gloves, hat, and facemask at a minimum. Vessels should also maintain onboard shovels and rock salt for clearing snow/ice on deck & maintaining safe passage.

If arriving in ballast we also recommend to have stock of “methyl hydrate” to place in sounding pipes in order to delay freezing effects. Generally suggest minimum 8L per sounding pipe. Sounding pipes should also be suitably covered to prevent formation of ices.


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